Small Business Insurance

We have been brokering insurance for small businesses – from manufacturers and lawyers to holiday home owners and tree surgeons – for more than three quarters of a century. In fact, many of our clients have been with us for decades.

Over the years the insurance business has changed out of all recognition. There used to be a broker in every town; now most small business insurance is handled directly online, or by just a couple of big brokers. And yet Bartlett is still here, still attracting new business.

Our secret weapon? It's that we know where the insurance market breaks down for small businesses. And we know what to do about it.

A market plagued by the unknown

Insurance for smaller businesses is no less technical than insurance for large corporations. And yet its technicalities get much less attention, for two reasons.

First, while a large company can employ insurance specialists if they wish, smaller businesses don't have that luxury.

And second, small business brokers and insurers focus on selling a large number of policies at as low a cost as possible. Inevitably this means that they spend little or no time advising their clients.

The result? Many businesses are left exposed, not knowing how their policies would respond in the event of a claim, whether they are covered adequately – or even whether they're covered at all.

At Bartlett we fill the advice gap – both when you take out the policy, and if you ever have to make a claim. We believe that's the only way to cut away the unknowns that put businesses at risk.

Help with your cover

But with a technical document like a business policy, it's very easy to slip into inadequate cover. Few people, for example, are aware of policy ‘averaging', which allows insurers to reduce settlements in the event of underinsurance. (So if you had inadvertently underinsured and had to make a claim, not only would you get less than you really need, you would also get much less than the insured value.)

We take the time and trouble to find out about your business and exposure. We'll explain your policy to you in clear English. And unlike some brokers or insurers we'll never put you through to a call centre – you'll always be dealing with an experienced insurance professional.

Help with your claim

Making an insurance claim can be a stressful exercise. Your business needs speedy and satisfactory settlement – but the claims process can take some getting used to, and for the uninitiated contains many pitfalls.

It helps to have an expert on your side to help you navigate the maze – yet dedicated broker claims teams are the exception rather than the rule, and hiring your own loss assessor can be a hit or miss affair.

By contrast, Bartlett's service doesn't stop once you have bought your policy. If you do have to make a claim, our dedicated claims team will be with you every step of the way and has the expertise and inside knowledge to deal confidently with insurers.

Insuring through Bartlett

Our process is straightforward, but will take a little more time than buying through a website. In return for that little extra time, though, you'll have much more peace of mind.

We can deal with you either face to face or over the phone – whichever you prefer. We'll begin by carrying out a fact find of your business, and talk you through your business's exposures. We'll match you with the right insurer – we only use insurers that we know well and trust – and make sure that you understand the details of the recommended policy.

You may save money over your current policy, but unashamedly our main focus is on making sure that your cover is absolutely solid. Insurance is an investment in your business's future, and it has to be a good one.

Find out more about Small Business Insurance

We hope we've given you food for thought. If you're interested in a face-to-face conversation, please get in touch.

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