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Introducing Bartlett

We are independent specialists creating bespoke financial solutions for both businesses and individuals. At Bartlett, we broker insurance as well as offering employee benefit solutions, wealth management and independent financial advice. We focus on markets that are crippled by imperfect information – in other words, markets where there are simply too many unknowns for comfort.

Charting the unknown

In insurance and wealth management, the unknown is dangerous. It inflates the costs of policies, reduces coverage to unacceptable levels, and encourages investors to take needless risks with their money. It makes for poor advice and poor value.

At Bartlett we believe that the best way to protect our clients is to cut away the unknown. We do this the old-fashioned way, through rigorous analysis and attention to detail. (There are no shortcuts, alas…)

Before they came to us, our clients were facing more unknowns than they imagined – from the implications of patched up, out-of-date policy wording to the real-world performance of esoteric investment products.

If you think you may also be facing too many unknowns, please contact us and we would be delighted to discuss how we could help.