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Private Client Insurance

High value home insurance
(including second homes and homes abroad)

Specialist insurance for art, furniture, antiques and jewellery

Car insurance

The unknowns you don’t see

When we reviewed their personal insurance arrangements, some were facing more unknowns than they imagined.

For example, a family heirloom piece like a beloved watch that was only insured when inside the house – not while being worn as normal.

Or high-value individual items like artworks, antique furniture or jewellery that weren’t covered at all.

Or “comprehensive” car insurance that was, in fact, anything but… if they drove in other countries.

The Bartlett process

So there may be a lot of unknowns in your policies.

At Bartlett, our approach is simple: we take the trouble to ensure that we fully understand your insurance needs, and only recommend policies that meet them. Very often we can improve on the cost of your premiums, but we’re unashamedly focused on ensuring you’re covered for every eventuality, for the right amount.

Our personal service extends to the claims process. Should you have to make a claim, we’ll help you every step of the way, ensuring that a stressful spell moves along as smoothly as possible.

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We hope we’ve given you food for thought. If you’re interested in a face-to-face conversation, please get in touch.

Patrick Riley, CPCU, ARM, CRIS
President, Bartlett & Co. Inc